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Not at all!

We are an Asset based lender. Your Automobile, RV, trailer, boat, motorcycle, trailer, farm equipment or power sports vehicle acts as collateral against the loan, there is no job requirement and with our flexible term options we strive to make your monthly payments are low as possible!

Equity Loans help you access the Money that you have tied up in depreciating assets. You have worked hard and have acquired assets (Automobiles, Motor Cycles, RVs, and Power Sport items) however most if not all of these assets depreciate over time, some faster than others. Unforeseen circumstances have made it necessary for you to access Money, “The Equity Loan” can do just that! Maybe it is an unexpected expense, or you require Bridge or Gap financing until things stabilize, or maybe you are just tired of having the Money You Need Today tied up in a depreciating asset that in some cases sits in seasonal storage and costs you Money. The sooner you access the equity in these assets the More Money you can get!

Don’t let your credit score or history keep you from applying for a loan. Our financing methods are secured through the value of your assets, not by your credit history. This means, if you fully own any car, truck or motorcycle and you have a clear title, we can give financial freedom!

Late or non-payment:

-In the event of a late or partial payment, interest fees will be charged on a daily basis on the outstanding amount. Failure to pay will result in legal action, as per Personal Property Securities Act (PPSA) Alberta.

Loan Fees:

-The fees consist of an Auto Check (to check for accidents and vehicle origin), Lien Search (to make sure the vehicle is free and clear of all liens), and a Vehicle Inspection / Evaluation.

Yes you do! We will give you the money to help Reset your life today!

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I have been back to this company twice for loans, and each time, its great customer service, friendly staff, also it was quick process each time I got my loans. I Will definitely recommend you guys to friends and family members!!

- Marie F